View from Casa Flor de Sol

Casa Flor de Sol

A historic house with a medicinal garden, with centuries-old chestnut beams and nestled in the mountains of Navahermosa. A house for the recovery of body and soul, to draw inspiration and strength.

The Natural Park, an oasis in Andalusia

Casa Flor de Sol is located in the heart of the Natural Park of Aracena and Picos de Aroche. An amazing green area, reminiscent of the north of Spain. The remoteness of this region allowed this oasis to flourish. Oak forests, organic olive groves, vegetable fields and chestnut trees alternate with strawberry trees, lavender, rockrose, and juniper. Hidden river courses lined with alders, poplars and willows create a colorful fairytale world that transports the hiker into another world.

Thanks to the remoteness and the condition of these forest areas, we can find many endangered animals in their natural environment: black vulture, black stork, golden eagle, griffon vulture, deer, rabbit, lynx, wild cat, or marten. The Sierra of Aracena has been declared a Protected Area of Community Importance in the Mediterranean region of the Natura 2000 Network (ZEK). Due to its bird diversity, the natural area has been declared a European Bird Sanctuary (SPA). The numerous wetlands and rivers and streams rich in fish are home to barbels, eels, cormorants, and great crested grebes.

The sierra is exposed to the humid winds of the Atlantic Ocean, which significantly soften the summer. Winters are mild, and the lemon trees and many of the herbs or dahlias in the garden survive with little protection. The natural park is home to more than 150 medicinal plants, so this spectacular landscape is also a huge natural pharmacy. In spring, the whole Sierra is in bloom, in autumn, with basket in hand, we can collect the most delicious mushrooms or truffles. The hiking trails, difficult or easy, as well as horseback riding are a pleasure in this Sierra.

Navahermosa is considered a small, prosperous community, with the church of the Virgen del Rosario from the 14th century. Many of the houses have preserved their old construction. In the cellars you can find amazing relics from past times. New findings point to the Muslim Al-Andalus presence. After the expulsion of the Arabs and Jews from the region in the 15th century, the region was settled with people from Galicia and León. This historical heritage is reflected in the gastronomy, architecture and traditions that have been preserved to this day.

The house of nomads, swallows, and stars

The house presents itself modestly from the outside. When the front door opens, the view goes to the chestnut beams, to the careful restoration and to the open walls that in some rooms look like a painting. The kitchen, with its old tiles, is a clear space with a dreamlike view of the sierra and of the garden. The sofa is in the kitchen, next to the wood stove of Esse and the long dining table. There are two study rooms, the small cozy one and the larger one upstairs. It is the ideal house for working nomads like us. In the cellar slumbers the must stone area for pressing the grapes, the slate floors, and the old olive oil jars, nestled in the walls. The swallows have chosen the cellar as their home. A blessing for the house, my grandmother would say. From the master bedroom, you look out into the forest, olive groves and, in the evening, the stars. The terrace was given a name: Mar de Estrellas (Sea of Stars). It is the place for meditation, yoga, or stargazing. A wonderful place with the family in the evening. Rare species of birds and a variety of insects come to the medicinal garden, it is a whole world that you can observe every day. This connection heals, it gives strength, opens the heart and no matter what the day was, I smile immediately.

What we love

  • Our guests are pampered in a Slow Living House, with linen bedding, Meraki organic cosmetics for bathrooms and kitchens, and a heated pool (even in summer the nights can be a bit chilly).
  • The house has fast internet from Starlink.
  • A set of healing stones and Horme spice pads (with instructions) according to Traditional Tibetan Medicine is available for self-treatment.
  • We provide a yoga mat, yoga cushions and yoga blankets for your practice.
  • The house has a baby room with a crib and a fluffy carpet.
  • On the terrace Mar de Estrellas there is a telescope for stargazing.
  • In the kitchen there is a beamer for your movie night.
  • Our gardeners José and Celia will give you bouquets of flowers, medicinal herbs, vegetables, or fruits.
  • You will receive a collection with all the tips for hiking trails, horseback riding, to collect medicinal herbs, mushrooms and truffles, best restaurants in the area, hamam, etc.
  • We are 1¼ hours from Seville, where we very often shop, visit the city, or go out to eat.

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